Michael Flatley
creator, producer, director

Michael Flatley, the creative genius behind Lord of the Dance, has kept audiences on the edge of their seats since the Premier at the Point Theatre, July 2, 1996, in Dublin, Ireland. He not only devised, wrote, and produced the show, but also was responsible for the spectacular and stunning choreography which, along with the captivating music, has uplifted the hearts and souls of millions.

To his many thousands of fans in all corners of the world, Michael Flatley is seen as a genius in his craft. From humble beginnings, this most talented of artists has brought the mesmerizing magic of Irish Dance into the international arena. Michael has reshaped Irish Dance into a futuristic phenomenon, and is known as one of the world's most graceful athletes.

As well as being an acclaimed dancer, Michael also is an accomplished flautist. His intoxicating mix of traditional music and dance, both old and new, has broken every record in the book.

After 390 brilliant performances in the title role, Michael starred in his final performance of Lord of the Dance at Dublin's RDS arena on June 28, 1998.

Since then, he has kept a watchful eye on his brainchild and has seen it grow into an international dance spectacular. Two troupes continue to make groundbreaking records all over the world. Michael is as actively involved in the production as ever. As creative director, he consistently reviews each production in collaboration with a team of experts to ensure the very highest standards of dance and precision are maintained, and that the show continues to uphold its reputation for innovation and excellence, leaving audiences entranced, enraptured, and fulfilled.

Michael is extremely proud of his dancers and musicians. He is ever on hand to help and advise any member of the touring shows. He's been there and done it all, and is delighted to pass the torch to his troupes, giving them the benefit of his vast knowledge and experience, which the troupes appreciate immensely.

Since leaving Lord of the Dance, Michael continues to create and perform. He has launched and starred in two more spectacular productions: Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger.

For more comprehensive information about Michael's career, accomplishments and future endeavors please visit http://www.michaelflatley.com.

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