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  • I'll now be posting on Instagram! Follow me @michaelflatleyofficial

  • Successful day at the 'Lord of the Dance' auditions! Well done to all dancers involved!

  • Get in step! Join the Michael Flatley DANCE Academy.

  • What an amazing 4 weeks in South Africa. 🇿🇦

  • Shining up the shoes for show time!

  • Happy Friday everyone!

  • Last week of shows here in South Africa. Who's coming to see us?

  • We had a great time teaching Irish dancing to some inspirational kids from St. Matthews School in Soweto. We think they did so good!! 👏👏

  • We are holding auditions for talented singers for the role of Erin the Goddess. Got what it takes? Contact Us for more info.

  • Lord of the Dance are holding auditions this September! Places are limited.
    For more info Contact Us Last chance to apply!

  • What a great day with a talented bunch of South African dancers! Thanks to everyone who joined us at our workshop in Montecasino.

  • It's show time here in Johannesburg!

  • We all really enjoyed being in Cape Town, now bring on the next 3 weeks in Johannesburg!

  • Happy birthday Niall! Have a great day!

  • We are ready for our 4th show this week in Cape Town!

  • Some of the cast enjoying the views on top of Table Mountain. Cape Town we are loving you!

See us LIVE!

World Tour
Date Time Venue City Country Ticket Link
Nov 1, 2017 8:00 PM Crocus City Hall Moscow Russia Buy Ticket
Nov 2, 2017 7:00 PM Theatre of Opera & Ballet Chelyabinsk Russia Buy Ticket
Nov 4, 2017 7:00 PM Philarmonic Hall Tyumen Russia Buy Ticket
Nov 5, 2017 7:00 PM KKT Kosmos Yekaterinburg Russia Buy Ticket
Nov 6, 2017 7:00 PM Palace of Culture Of Soldatovo Perm Russia Buy Ticket
Nov 9, 2017 7:00 PM Tondiraba jaahall Tallinn Estonia Buy Ticket
Nov 10, 2017 7:30 PM Arēna Rīga Riga Latvia Buy Ticket
Nov 11, 2017 7:00 PM Ergo Arena Gdansk Poland Buy Ticket
Nov 12, 2017 6:00 PM Tauron Arena Krakow Poland Buy Ticket
Nov 14, 2017 7:00 PM Hala Stulecia Wroclaw Poland Buy Ticket
Nov 15, 2017 7:00 PM Poznan Arena Poznan Poland Buy Ticket
Nov 16, 2017 7:00 PM Azoty Arena Szczecin Poland Buy Ticket
Nov 17, 2017 7:00 PM Torwar Warszawa Poland Buy Ticket
Nov 19, 2017 7:00 PM Kiev Palace Kiev Ukraine Buy Ticket
Dec 8, 2017 7:30 PM TICC Taipei Taiwan Buy Ticket
Dec 9, 2017 2:30 PM TICC Taipei Taiwan Buy Ticket
Dec 9, 2017 7:30 PM TICC Taipei Taiwan Buy Ticket
Dec 10, 2017 1:00 PM TICC Taipei Taiwan Buy Ticket
Dec 10, 2017 4:30 PM TICC Taipei Taiwan Buy Ticket
Feb 8, 2018 8:00 PM Millennium Forum Derry United Kingdom Buy Ticket
Feb 9, 2018 8:00 PM Millennium Forum Derry United Kingdom Buy Ticket
Feb 10, 2018 8:00 PM Millennium Forum Derry United Kingdom Buy Ticket
Feb 11, 2018 8:00 PM Millennium Forum Derry United Kingdom Buy Ticket
Feb 25, 2018 7:00 PM Swiss Life Hall Hannover Germany Buy Ticket
Feb 26, 2018 8:00 PM Mehr Theater am Grossmarkt Hamburg Germany Buy Ticket
Feb 27, 2018 8:00 PM Mehr Theater am Grossmarkt Hamburg Germany Buy Ticket
Feb 28, 2018 8:00 PM König-Pilsener Arena Oberhausen Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 1, 2018 8:00 PM Arena Trier Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 3, 2018 8:00 PM Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 4, 2018 6:00 PM Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 6, 2018 8:00 PM Olympiahalle München Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 7, 2018 8:00 PM Porsche Arena Stuttgart Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 8, 2018 8:00 PM Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 9, 2018 8:00 PM Messehalle Erfurt Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 10, 2018 8:00 PM Stadthalle Rostock Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 11, 2018 7:00 PM Flens-Arena Flensburg Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 13, 2018 8:00 PM Stadthalle Magdeburg Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 14, 2018 8:00 PM Arena Leipzig Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 15, 2018 8:00 PM Tempodrom Berlin Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 16, 2018 8:00 PM Tempodrom Berlin Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 17, 2018 8:00 PM Rittal Arena Wetzlar Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 18, 2018 7:00 PM Mitsubishi Electric Halle Düsseldorf Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 20, 2018 8:00 PM Stadthalle Bielefeld Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 21, 2018 8:00 PM Halle Münsterland Münster Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 22, 2018 8:00 PM Arena Kreis Düren Düren Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 23, 2018 8:00 PM Rosengarten Mannheim Germany Buy Ticket
Mar 24, 2018 8:00 PM Musical Theater Basel Switzerland Buy Ticket
Mar 25, 2018 8:00 PM Musical Theater Basel Switzerland Buy Ticket
Mar 27, 2018 8:00 PM Samsung Hall Zürich Switzerland Buy Ticket
Mar 28, 2018 8:00 PM Arena Geneve Switzerland Buy Ticket
Mar 29, 2018 8:00 PM Festspielhaus Bregenz Austria Buy Ticket
Mar 30, 2018 8:00 PM Tips Arena Linz Austria Buy Ticket
Mar 31, 2018 8:00 PM Stadthalle Wien Austria Buy Ticket
Apr 1, 2018 8:00 PM Stadthalle Wien Austria Buy Ticket

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  • I was wondering if there are any plans on doing another USA tour? My daughter was watching a DVD of the show and really liked it. She's nine years old and she would absolutely love to see it live, probably as much, if not more, than me the few times I have seen it live.

    Sep 20, 2017
  • My husband and I saw Lord of the Dance years ago with Michael Flatley in NY. It was breathtaking and a wonderful experience. We loved it. We would love to see it again and share it with our kids. When will this performance come back to NYC? We would love to see it again and experience it with our children. Thank you.

    Sep 15, 2017
  • I grew up watching videos of Michael Flatley in Lord of the Dance, and went to see the show four times while it was in Johannesburg in August this year. It has to be one greatest shows on earth - I am so grateful to every performer for making it so special. A special mention of Fergal Keaney, Andrea Kren, Niall McNally and Ina Milner. Really incredible performance!

    Sep 15, 2017
  • Love all your shows and can't wait to see you all again in Kansas City!!

    Sep 06, 2017
  • This was the most spectacular show I have ever seen wow wow wow. Such a pity Michael Flatley was not there.

    Sep 04, 2017
  • Absolutely stunning last show last night (3Sept) in Johannesburg, South Africa!! So very well done, would definitely go and watch it again when it comes to SA!!

    Sep 04, 2017
  • Saw Dangerous Games for the second time this afternoon and it was awesome. I'm an Irish dancer and have won many competitions, I stopped briefly while I was pregnant. My daughter is now 6 years old and has been doing Irish since she was 5. She enjoyed the show so much as well, she was so hyped up she couldn't get to sleep this evening. I just wanted to say Well done on a fantastic show, and I hope you enjoyed your stay here and am looking forward to seeing you guys here soon. Take care

    Sep 04, 2017
  • Amazing show, incredibly talented dancers! Well worth it, waited years and would do it again....

    Sep 03, 2017
  • Hi. I watched the show in Johannesburg on Friday 25 August. It was absolutely spectacular! I just wanted to know who danced the female lead. Thanks again for an amazing show.

    Aug 29, 2017
  • When you will be coming to Holland?

    And the workshops, are the aivailable in Holland also?

    I hope that i can perform with Tom Cunningham on stage.


    Aug 22, 2017
  • Second time we saw your performance. 1st was Lord of the Dance and Sat 19 Aug = Dangerous Games. Excellent, excellent 🤗. The dancing and costumes were seriously breathtaking and awesome. Looking forward to seeing your show when you come out again to South Africa.

    Aug 22, 2017
  • Went to see your show a few months back in Belfast, absolutely loved it! Really inspired me to be the best I can possibly be!!

    Aug 21, 2017
  • Hi, please can you tell me whether you will be performing in London again anytime soon/next year?

    I want to book tickets again as I saw the show in 2014 and thought it was fantastic so this time want to take my mum.

    Thank you.

    Aug 21, 2017
  • Just wondering how to apply for the auditions

    Aug 21, 2017
  • Just wanted to say what a fabulous show on Saturday 19 August 2017 at Monetecasino. Thank you!!

    Aug 21, 2017
  • My family has Irish heritage and ever since I was young I have been fascinated with the Lord of the Dance. My mother had gone to see one of the earlier shows and I would always watch her DVD and dream of the day I got to experience it for myself. Well that dream came true this year and my head was blown off. Lord of the Dance exceeded my expectation and more. It made me fall in love with it all over again. Thank you so much for magnificent show and amazing dancers!

    Truly nothing better!!

    Aug 19, 2017

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