Follow Your Dream, Day #215: Shanghai to Beijing

Greetings from China! As I write this, Team Lord is hurtling through the countryside via high-speed train from Shanghai to Beijing.

To give an idea of how fast we're talking: the journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, under optimum conditions, takes roughly five to six hours by car. Shanghai to Beijing, meanwhile, is roughly twice the distance -- over 1200 kilometers -- and this train is covering it in roughly the same amount of time.

This kind of speed, when viewed at ground level, is astonishing. It's a rainy day here, so visibility is fairly short; buildings and whole towns emerge from the mist, and before you know it, they're already past tense.

Speaking of past tense: wow, Shanghai! Team Lord had a day off yesterday, and everyone went off on their own adventures. Some went to the Bund or other sites of interest, and a chunk of the team went to Disneyland. I've personally been fighting a minor cold, so I caught up on some sleep.

(Sidebar: I've recently gotten hooked on Myndstream -- -- for their music catalog focused on wellness and mindfulness. If you struggle with insomnia as I do, check them out and give Liquid Mind a try. Trust me, it helps.)

It's interesting to see firsthand the fusion of east and west in modern China. This is a country steeped in over 5,000 years of history, and yet it's astonishingly modern at the same time.

I think it's the sheer scope of everything here that's the most conspicuous. In America, I'm used to Thanksgiving week being the busiest travel time of the year; this week, China is celebrating the lunar new year, and it's the largest annual movement of humans anywhere in the world.

I'm writing to you from smack-dab in the middle of it.

And in front of us, only hours away: Beijing.

I'm really looking forward to this. We're talking about one of the great cities of humanity. And Lord of the Dance has been invited to perform there during the new year celebrations. It is a tremendous honor.

What a time to be alive, isn't it? In ancient times, Europeans were enthralled by stories from adventurers like Marco Polo of a far-off land named China, on the other side of the world; today, an Irish dance show is touring China, bringing joy to audiences here just as we do all over the world, with a dance drama that appeals to everyone.

It is truly an amazing journey.

Written on the high-speed train from Shanghai to Beijing, January 22nd, 2020.


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