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Follow Your Dream, Day #220: Taiwan!

Lord of the Dance is in Taiwan!

Historically, Taiwan is one of the great hotspots for Lord of the Dance. Last year we were here with Feet of Flames, and we even have a commercially-released performance video from Taiwan.

Although the show has been to Taiwan several times, this is personally my first time. And what an amazing place this is! I had some time to briefly explore the local neighborhood in Kaohsiung near where we're staying, and I already love it here.

The first thing you notice is the temperature. This is a winter tour for Lord of the Dance, and when we were much further to the north in mainland China, it was predictably cold weather. Meanwhile, Taiwan sits on exactly the same latitude as the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where I lived for over a decade.

"This feels familiar," I thought to myself as I walked the streets of Kaohsiung, trading heavy coats and layers for jeans and a t-shirt. The sudden intensity of the sun, when you've been in cold-weather conditions for months, is quite a (pleasant) shock.

The next thing you notice is that Taiwan is a wonderful fusion of east and west, with an island vibe distinctly its own. As I got done with a cheese pizza for lunch and walked back to the hotel, I passed by a bowling alley and a massive badminton court, stopping into a 7-Eleven to grab a few sodas and snacks (Mountain Dew and Doritos, in case you're curious) for the evening.

Like I said: I used to live in Hawaii. If Honolulu is a western city with a west-Pacific flavor, then what I've seen in in Kaohsiung so far is a west-Pacific city with a western flavor. Can't wait to see more.

The biggest thing I've noticed so far, though: the people themselves.

Everyone's pretty laid-back and happy here. Maybe it's a function of a tropical island culture, but it's still pretty remarkable when you consider that this island has the same population as the *continent* of Australia.

One note on LOTD TV: because of the lunar New Year and some other schedule/customs disruptions, we can't guarantee we can get the broadcast backpack to Taiwan in time to stream from here. Rather than risk it, the kit is instead going to be picked up in Mexico on or about February 8th. That said, I'm currently looking into workaround solutions, just like we did in Ukraine on the previous tour. And we still have more pre-recorded videos like this one which we can share. :)

Taiwan -- let's dance!


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