Follow Your Dream, Day #223: Now and Then, Here and There

What do you remember most from your travels abroad?

You probably remember the stories. The moments when everything went right -- or everything went wrong. The mishaps, the joys, the crazy adventures. The *laughter.*

Over the last eight months or so, we've given you an unprecedented look behind the scenes with the show and touring life -- livestreaming backstage and on the road via LOTD TV (, this ongoing production journal, and more. You've seen the dancers come offstage after a show, absolutely drenched in sweat. You've seen the hours and hours of workouts they put in to keep themselves in shape.

But one thing we've noticed that's incredibly popular: the *travel* side of the story.

It makes perfect sense. Lord of the Dance is a globetrotting adventure. So we're introducing more of that to our social media as well. We're already doing it on LOTD TV with livestream explorations of the cities we visit, but that's still just one story in a team of stories. And that team of stories multiples exponentially when you consider the hundreds -- probably thousands -- of people who have come and gone through Lord of the Dance over the last twenty-four years.

So I'm doing something a little different with this journal entry: I'm juxtaposing classic travel photos (courtesy of Leah Gallagher and Kerrie Connolly Mcateer) with photos taken just last week in China by Cathal Keaney as he went exploring with Olivia Graydon, Joe Harrison, Giada Costenaro Cunningham, and Nicole Kelly.

These aren't carefully airbrushed photos festooned with corporate logos. These are the actual photos taken by the troupe members themselves. This is *their* story.

You have an emotional connection to the classic days, especially the OG Troupe and the 1996-2001 era. Totally understandable. What we're doing now is building your familiarity with *today's* troupe, so that you have that same sort of emotional connection. By connecting these two points in time, you see the Lord of the Dance saga in a much larger scope, and can appreciate how each chapter builds the narrative. It's exactly the same as how Star Trek The Next Generation built upon the original Star Trek and created an even larger universe for fans to play in.

We're coming up fast on our next run of performances here in Taiwan. The troupe are working out, exploring, and enjoying themselves. Were this journal entry written in 1996, it would be almost identical; the names would be different, and the images a bit more low-resolution, but the *story* is the same. And what a story it is.


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