Follow Your Dream, Day #224: Countdown to Kaohsiung

More Team Lord travel photos from the amazing Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung! Zoltan and Andrea, along with our team physio Hiromi, went and visited the old British Consulate.

Zoltan and Andrea are one of my favorite stories in the history of Lord of the Dance. We've written extensively about them as individuals -- Zoli's our Senior Dance Captain, and Andrea is a Dance Captain as well -- but together onstage as Don Dorcha and Morrighan they are just magic as the First Couple of Evil.

In real life, though, they're just the cutest love story you've ever seen. Seriously, find yourself someone who looks at you the way Zoli and Andrea look at each other. Lord of the Dance has produced some amazing love stories -- Bernadette and Damien, Tom and Giada, etc. -- and this one is every bit as poignant. Perhaps moreso, simply because as Hungarians who grew up without access to Irish dance instruction until much later in life, they had to work three times as hard to prove themselves. They really are shining examples of the #FollowYourDream ethos.

And Hiromi? Simply put, we'd all be in full-body casts without her. As the team physio, she has such a critical role behind the scenes, and her skills at putting human beings back together are nothing short of legendary. Irish dance is an incredibly high-impact dance form, and based on Hiromi's ability to heal people, I'm reasonably convinced she's secretly a Jedi. It's the only logical explanation.

Kaohsiung is a really beautiful city, and Taiwan has always been a favorite spot for Lord of the Dance. Pretty soon now, the show will be live once again. You can feel the energy level rising; everyone's keyed up and ready to start dancing.

Counting down the hours until the bell rings!


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