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Follow Your Dream, Day #225: Unbowed

Lord of the Dance was a show forged in fire.

This isn't a show that was conceived by committee with tea and biscuits and afternoon sunlight streaming through the window. This is a show that was built in the white-hot rage of an artist determined to prove a point.

He bankrupted himself to do it. He financially -- and physically -- *broke* himself for his art.

And it's that ethos that serves as the backbone of the show and the troupe to this day, nearly 24 years later. When you come up against brick walls, find a way past them. When you get knocked down to the canvas, pick yourself back up.

It doesn't matter what anyone else says. Let everyone else do the talking. Get back to work right away. Get up and *fight.*

Twenty-four hours from now, Team Lord will be onstage, rehearsing and working out, getting ready for the first night of our Taiwan run. We didn't have our mobile broadcast equipment for China, so we've put together a compilation showing you a small taste of the recent footage we've shot.

We didn't come here to finish second.

The dream continues. Ring the bell.

Éireoimid beó is béimíd ullamh
Laochra Éireann ré ar ghach taobh
Suan ís séan a bheidh ár dtreoir
Béimid saor go deo más fíor


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