Follow Your Dream, Day #227: Back At It

Greetings from the Lordbus! As I write this we're on the road from Kaohsiung to Taipei, traversing the longitude of Taiwan from south to north.

Last night's show was amazing, wasn't it? After a few days off, everyone was pent up and ready to get back on that stage. It was another sold-out show, and the crowd was *into* it last night.

Every night is a high-octane night, but every so often there's just that little extra intangible *something* that occurs when you've got a crowd that's just totally feeling the rhythm of the show. If you caught the sidestage livestream Giada posted to Facebook, or the LOTD TV livestream we posted to Twitch (, then you saw it yourself.

How good was it last night? I talked to Zoltan near the end of the first act, and he believed that it might have been his finest performance. Considering he's been with the show since the Celtic Tiger days, that's quite a statement; but having watched him perform up close several times now, I'd have to agree. Zoltan always sets the stage on fire, but last night he damn near tore it in half.

It is an *honor* to watch these dancers perform. Here we are, on the far side of the world, bringing Irish dance, high energy and positivity to people from completely different cultures. And every night, the reaction is exactly the same: joy.

(By the way, if you're in Kaohsiung, check out Pizza Rock. It's right across the street from the venue we played at, and a bunch of us had dinner there last night. Really good pizza.)

Taiwan fascinates me. It's less than half the size of Ireland, but it's home to a population roughly equivalent to the entire continent of Australia. We pass rice paddies that look like they've been there since the time of Alexander the Great, and yet the cities are amazingly modern.

It's pretty quiet on the Lordbus right now. Most everyone is asleep. We've got a long day ahead of us in Taipei, with back-to-back shows coming up. We're right back in the thick of it.

As it should be.

*This* is the adventure. *This* is the journey.

I don't know what sort of wi-fi we'll have at today's venue. With luck, we'll be able to stream again. Last night we lost wi-fi at intermission, and we don't have our normal broadcast equipment, but I think we'll all agree that something is better than nothing. The greater the challenge, the greater the story!

We'll be in Taipei in a few hours. Sitting to my right, here on the bus, is James Keegan. It still amazes me that every day I get up and go to work with the Lord of the Dance troupe. A Lord of the Dance himself, the star of the Dangerous Games video, is sitting next to me. Two rows back, Morrighan and the Dark Lord are asleep.

(Bandi Kren is awake, though. It was super cute last night watching fangirls in the LOTD TV chat room fight over who gets Bandi. I told him about it over pizza last night; he got a huge laugh out of it. LOTD has the best fans in the world.)

And what's really special is that we get to journal this experience as it happens and share it with you. Remember the old days? Back in 1996, those of us on the original LOTD Visitors Book would have *killed* to have this level of access.

Today it's here. Today, between journal entries and live streaming, you're practically on tour with us from the comfort of your home.

And if you're wondering if the adventure is as fun as it looks...yeah, it is.


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