Follow Your Dream, Day #228: Taipei

This has to be said: our fans in Taiwan are amazing.

Double-header days are always a challenge. Lord of the Dance is a full-throttle high-octane dance explosion, and it demands the best Irish dancers in the world to properly bring it to life.

But it's the days when you have two performances back to back that the importance of the physical conditioning *really* comes to the foreground. In Lord of the Dance you might be performing in eight or nine numbers in one show; multiplied times two, you're now looking at sixteen to eighteen numbers, plus multiple warmups and cooldowns. And remember, we're talking about Michael Flatley's art form atop Irish dance; this requires arm movements, full-body range of motion, facial expressions, and a not-insignificant amount of acting.

Team Lord rises to the challenge. Every day. There's just no finer (or fitter) troupe of dancers in the world.

And the audience can make a difference. The show is performed at 110% no matter what, but there's something magical when you have a crowd that's *really* into it. I'd heard ahead of time that the Taiwan fanbase for Lord of the Dance was hardcore, but seeing it in person...yup. These fans are amazing. Clapping along, shouting and screaming, hanging on the edge of their seats...just absolutely magical. Several fans met the troupe after the show as we headed out to the Lordbus, and they actually gave us handwritten *personalized* greeting cards and local snacks. (Remind me later to post pictures of the greeting card they made for Giada; it really is special.) Seeing some of those kids trying to dance like James and Matt, getting photos with their's just magical.

I think that's the big thing about Lord of the Dance: it's not "just" a dance show. It reaches inside everyone -- all ages, all cultures -- and brings out that little boy or little girl that we all have inside us. It's an emotional rollercoaster journey that connects the people onstage to the people in the audience, so that at the end it's like watching your home team score a game-winning goal at the last second.

I've never seen another show that *emotionally* captivates people, for decades, as Lord of the Dance does. The show is a dream realized, and it's a dream we all share together.


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