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Follow Your Dream, Day #240: How You See It, How We See It

Tonight, Lord of the Dance performs in Puebla, Mexico.

As a special treat, here's one last video from our Mexico City performances: this is Planet Ireland, on the last night of Mexico City, with Matt Smith as the Lord of the Dance.

It was an absolutely electric evening. The crowd was fantastic, the National Auditorium echoed with the sounds of tens of thousands of hands clapping along (listen for it in the video), and everyone was just on fire. We put the camera on Cathal Keaney for this video, which I believe is the first time a Lord of the Dance has ever filmed another Lord of the Dance onstage. How cool is that?

(Sidebar: at some point in the distant future, Cathal could have a successful career as a color commentator. Those of you who have seen his live commentary on the LOTD TV live streams can attest to the fact that he thinks on his feet as fast as he dances on them.)

For fun, I went out to the back of the house and filmed the performance as well. When edited together, the result is quite interesting: we see what you see, and you see what *we* see.

Normally, if I'm filming from the audience, I'm usually up front, streaming to LOTD TV. This time, however, I deliberately wanted to juxtapose the two extreme contrasts: being far away from the stage, and being on the stage itself. The end result is something very unlike previous videos we've shot, because the audience itself is actually the focal point of the video.

And tonight, the audience here in Puebla is in for a full-power Lord of the Dance explosion onstage. It's going to be one heck of a ride.

Puebla -- let's dance!


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