Follow Your Dream, Day #243: Healing Hands Healing Feet

Meet our sports therapist, Kerri Robinson!

Those of you who follow Team Lord's adventures have already met Hiromi, who's currently getting ready for some little thing called the Olympics. Now you get to meet Kerri.

I first met Kerri when she was emptying out an ice beast backstage. We're talking about an entire trashcan full of ice and water, and she was manhandling it like it was nothing.

I struck up a conversation with her backstage. Kerri is from Official Sports Services, which provides physios, sports therapists, and osteopaths to international sports teams, events, and athletes worldwide. What caught my attention is that she herself moves with the grace of a dancer; you can always tell if someone has dance training, because no matter how much they conceal it, there's just something about the way they place their weight and move each muscle that's a dead giveaway. Turns out Kerri has been dancing since the age of six, accruing a background in tap, ballet, and theatre jazz, having studied professionally at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. She sustained a foot injury, which led her onto her degree in sports therapy at the age of nineteen.

Dance is a huge part of her life. You can see it every time you talk to her. And that background really serves her well in her current role, which she's held for the last six years. I was chatting backstage with her earlier this evening, and it turns out she actually toured with Lord of the Dance last year, so she's already acclimated to Team Lord's shenanigans.

What's interesting is watching her work. Professional Irish dancers in a Michael Flatley show have to be in ridiculously good condition; they're expected to perform in eight or nine numbers per night, performing high-impact dancing which puts repetitive stress on certain parts of the body which aren't always easy to work on. Kerri's worked with some of the world's best athletes in rugby, netball, cricket, and more, including the All Black's Rugby Union, Australia Rugby League, teams in the English Rugby Superleague, the White Ferns cricket, the Kiwis Rugby League, England Rugby League, and the Netball World Cup with England Vitality Roses and New Zealand Silver Ferns.

And now she works on the world's greatest Irish dancers.


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