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Follow Your Dream, Day #244: Hometown Hero

How many of you reading this have dreamt of what it would be like to perform onstage with Lord of the Dance?

Here in Mexico, Luis Ignacio Sanchez lived that dream -- and filmed it.

Yesterday, in his hometown of Guadalajara, in front of his friends, his family, and his dance school pupils, Luis achieved the pinnacle of professional Irish dancing: he performed onstage with Lord of the Dance.

Over the decades, a few people have achieved this goal. In just the last nine months, we've featured two of them in this production journal. With Luis, though, since he danced with Team Lord the last time we toured Mexico, we decided to take it one step further:

We had him film his own performance as he danced onstage.

Onstage performance filming is a new phenomenon in professional Irish dancing. Lord of the Dance is the only show doing it, and we started this nine months ago. It's a completely new way of experiencing the speed and power of this form of dance -- the *excitement* of being onstage in a huge spectacle like this -- and judging from your reactions since we started, pretty much everyone loves this new way of seeing the show.

For the dancer, though, imagine the extra pressure! You already have to be millimeter-precise onstage, and now you've got a camera strapped to your chest. That's not something that's taught in Irish dance schools! Further, cameras are like microscopes; every tiny movement and sound is captured. Fortunately, professional Irish dancers already have incredible levels of focus and discipline, honed by years and years of training and competition. Luis is no exception.

What you see here, in the video attached to this journal entry, is precisely what Luis filmed as he performed. This is *his* Lord of the Dance video. And while we've had guest stars dance with us in their home countries before, he is the first to film his own guest performance.

Today is our final Mexico performance for this tour, in Querétaro. Mexico has been absolutely fantastic; if you follow individual troupe members on their own social media, you've seen that we've had a phenomenal time here. We hope to return again soon.

But for tonight? One last time, Mexico: let's dance!


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