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Follow Your Dream, Day #247: GiadaCam

Okay. We've livestreamed dancers onstage as they perform. We've put cameras into multiple numbers onstage for you to see. We've added cameras and cut between them to further up the ante. What next?

...Well, what happens if we put a camera on one of the violinists?

Giada Costenaro Cunningham holds the record for the longest-serving violinist in Lord of the Dance. She's been with the show for a long time (and yet somehow doesn't age -- a bit of black-magic sorcery which we haven't figured out yet), and knows every cue backwards and forwards. So when she suggested putting the camera on one of the musicians instead of one of the dancers, we knew it was audacious, risky, and *exactly* the right thing to do.

We had no idea what to expect. We knew Giada's forearm and violin bow would be in the frame, but would it block the entire image? Would the final product be something viable for release?

Only one way to find out: break the rules and *do* it.

We needn't have worried. As usual, Giada's instincts were spot-on. The video you see here is a remarkable achievement: Giada becomes, to our knowledge, the first musician to film themselves performing onstage during an Irish dance show. Starring Cathal Keaney as the Lord of the Dance, this was filmed in front of a packed house in Mexico just a few days ago -- and for the first time ever, you get to see what the violinists see onstage in Lord of the Dance!


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