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Follow Your Dream, Day #249: Looking Back, Looking Forward

History works both in the moment and how it is remembered.

Decades from now, when the current Lord of the Dance troupe looks back on the photos and videos of their adventures in the first quarter of 2020, they won't necessarily remember the long flights, the border closures, the early-morning bus calls, or the endless hours of physical training and drilling that went into reaching the level of peak fitness required to perform in a Michael Flatley show.

They'll remember the standing ovations in the 12,000-seat National Auditorium.

They'll remember the cool breeze atop the Pyramid of the Sun.

They'll remember the laughter. The camaraderie. The joy.

No great adventure worth the undertaking comes without the work to achieve it. There must be, conservatively, tens of thousands of active Irish dancers in schools all over the world right now. Only a small percentage of them make it into show dancing. And an even smaller percentage therein qualify for Lord of the Dance, the flagship of the industry.

It *means* something to make it into a Michael Flatley show. It's a validation of all the hard work and sacrifice. And it opens the doors to a journey like nothing else out there: traveling across the world, bringing *joy* to thousands upon thousands of people every single night.

By this time tomorrow night, Team Lord will be assembled in Vienna, beginning a tour that will take us through Austria and Germany. And on the eve of that voyage, let's look back one last time at the previous journey through Mexico.

The journey continues. The dream lives.

Austria? Germany? Let's dance.


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