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Follow Your Dream, Day #255: Performance High

Is there any feeling in the world greater than a performance high?

Last night, here in Germany, I finally got to do something I haven't been able to properly do for a while: go out front and film the onstage action literally millimeters away from it.

It's really hard to explain what it feels like to film Lord of the Dance out there. You're in the Lagrange Point between the audience and the troupe, not quite either one of them. You can feel the stage literally quake with every tap. You can hear the audience screaming -- actually screaming -- behind you.

It really is like being the ultimate fly on the wall. As the social media guy I'll never be able to do what these dancers have trained their whole lives to do -- which makes me that much more determined to showcase their work ethic and talent to you. Because making it look as easy as they do is really, *really* hard.

Last night saw James Keegan as the Lord of the Dance, Declan Durning as the Dark Lord, Katrina Costello as Saoirse, Jessica Aquila Judge as the Little Spirit, and Fran Dunne as Morrighan. To make this video even cooler, we put a camera on Fran when she went out for Victory, so we captured her perspective as she danced *while* we livestreamed the whole event to Dancelord TV (

The end result is what you see here, filmed just a few hours ago.

Gone are the days where you had to wait half a decade (or more) for a new commercial video release. You could try to scratch the itch with bootleg videos on YouTube, but that doesn't really get the job done. What was needed was a completely new way of seeing professional Irish dancing -- which, with Lord of the Dance, we've achieved. In 2019, we focused more on just single-camera videos, so that you could get a sense of how things look on the livestream and adjust to the wow factor of seeing onstage footage from the dancer's point of view; now, in 2020, we're cutting between multiple cameras to give you a sense of just how intense this show really is.

Tomorrow night, there will be another amazing performance here in Germany. The crowds are electric here. And we will continue to showcase Michael Flatley's art form, performed by the finest Irish dancers in the world, to you at home wherever you may be. All of this is part of the rising action we talked about at the beginning of the year in this production journal. Pumping out this much video content this *fast* is a not-insignificant amount of work, but hey -- we didn't come here to finish second.

And neither did the dancers in this video.


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