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Follow Your Dream, Day #257: The Awakening

Do you remember the sense of wonder you had as a child?

Everything was new. Exciting. Unknown. The world was big, wide, open, and spread out in front of you to explore.

This is the emotion that the Little Spirit evokes upon summoning Planet Ireland at the beginning of Lord of the Dance. The entire world, and everything on that stage, is her creation.

This makes the Dangerous Games iteration of the show incredibly fascinating, because the Dark Lord appears -- onscreen, not in person -- to threaten the Little Spirit *before* she summons Planet Ireland into being. A key clue is his opening monologue: "The original Lord, your proud protector, is gone -- FOREVER! And you dare to bring forth some young pretender? This is a dangerous game."

The message is clear: the Little Spirit lost control of Planet Ireland the first time and almost perished. (Notably, in the Feet of Flames World Tour iteration of the show, it's the Little Spirit who's on the executioner's block, not the Lord.) To risk it all again? Why?

Because, as Michael's disembodied voice says after the Dark Lord vanishes: "Follow your dream."

Whenever you attempt to accomplish something in life, you will run into obstacles. The greater the endeavor -- the higher the mountain to climb -- the more fraught and perilous the journey. But that's *life.*

And so, the Little Spirit summons forth Planet Ireland once more. The dream begins anew. Each night, thousands of people are entranced by the magic created live on that stage.

Starring Jessica Aquila Judge and the women of Team Lord, this video shows the Awakening, leading up to the moment just before the Lord of the Dance is summoned. It is a powerful, dramatic opening -- and you've got a front-row seat for it here.


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