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Follow Your Dream, Day #259: Girl Power

Warlords is one of the signature numbers from Lord of the Dance. Performed a cappella, it shows the raw, hardcore talent of the best Irish dancers in the world performing incredibly challenging rhythm patterns. Traditionally, this piece is performed exclusively by men, as exposition in the first act which sets up the fight with Don Dorcha's Warriors in the second act during Hell's Kitchen.

...But have you ever wondered what a *female* Warlords would look like?

Backstage yesterday, live on Dancelord TV, we got a tantalizing glimpse.

We were chatting live with Dark Lord Alasdair Spencer and Morrighan Andrea Papp-Krén, when someone in the live Twitch chat room brought up the question of gender-reversing certain numbers. Being one of our dance captains, Andrea -- already in costume for Dance of Light -- immediately rose to the challenge. Alasdair went and grabbed his Warlords beret for her, and the dance was on.

(Note: we've added a Warlords backing track to this video so you can get the full effect. You can see the original unedited version in full on Dancelord TV.)

There's something incredibly cool about seeing such a hardcore macho piece performed by a woman, isn't there? Lord of the Dance has the most amazing Irish dance professionals in the world; never forget that each and every woman in the troupe -- for all their graceful slip jigs and beautiful costumes -- can throw down and let rip with the same hardcore hardshoe intensity that the men can.

Stick around for the end of the video when James Keegan walks by -- his double-take is absolutely priceless!

Today's a day off for Team Lord, but we'll be back tomorrow evening with more live and interactive backstage action on Dancelord TV while the show's being performed! Until then, enjoy this unique look at a female Warlord.


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