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Follow Your Dream, Day #268: What It Takes

Want to know what the real difference is between Lord of the Dance and everything else out there?


Professional Irish dancing is millimeter-precise. It takes, on average, at least a decade and a half of constant drilling and discipline to hone a top-notch competition dancer. But when you add on the rigors and demands of show dancing atop that, it becomes apparent very quickly that an additional skill set is needed: the ability to entertain.

This is easier said than done. In the quarter-century since Michael Flatley invented the genre of the professional Irish dance show, there have been many attempts at pushing the boundaries ever further; whether it's incredibly complicated rhythm patterns or trying to snap every single movement like the crack of a whip, there's no shortage of technical precision.

The difference with Team Lord? We make this look *fun.*

The video attached to this journal entry was recorded last night in Frankfurt. Look at the audience's reaction. Listen to them cheering along, clapping, standing on their feet. You don't walk out of a Lord of the Dance performance and go eat finger sandwiches in your ivory tower whilst reflecting on the bold choice of pastels used in the costumes; you walk out of a Lord of the Dance performance with a huge grin on your face, telling all your friends, "Did you SEE that!?"

Here's the litmus test: do you want to see the performer again? Not just the performance -- the *performer.*

That's the key difference between someone who can execute the steps and someone whose name can sell out a venue. If you understand that difference, then you understand the ethos of Lord of the Dance. Because this is a show that casts and showcases *performers.*

Starring James Keegan and filmed onstage by Zoltan Papp, this is Planet Ireland brought to life by Team Lord, turning a beautiful German opera house into a blowout standing-ovation party.

By God, this is fun.


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