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Follow Your Dream, Day #271: Joy

Sometimes it's important to remember there's still joy in this world.

No Surrender is a number that stands tall and delivers joy. It's curiously positioned in the second act of Lord of the Dance; right before the plot reaches its final complication and climax, it's as if the show presses pause on the narrative and delivers this beautiful party piece for everyone to enjoy.

The message is clear: even in darkness, there is hope.

One thing we've introduced in recent months are multi-camera video edits. The final minute or so of this video was originally released as one of those multi-camera cuts. But the more we rewatched this sequence, filmed by Katrina Costello onstage as she danced, the more we know what, let's just release the whole thing exactly as filmed.

The end result is an Irish dance rollercoaster. This video is all from Kat's camera as she performed onstage. So far the response to our onstage performance videos has been amazing. We started doing this back in June of last year -- even livestreaming onstage performances to Dancelord TV -- and the effect is jaw-dropping. For the first time, you can really see exactly what the dancers see onstage as they perform; you're *inside* Lord of the Dance as it happens. It's an entirely new way of consuming professional Irish dance audiovisually, and we're the only show out there that's doing this.

No matter where you are in the world as you read this -- no matter your age, your language, your culture, your ethnicity -- we hope you enjoy these few minutes of joy. Because high energy and positivity are what Lord of the Dance are all about.


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