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Follow Your Dream, Day #275: Lads, Lads, Lads!

Let's talk about how much testosterone is in the male half of Lord of the Dance.

This is not a dance show which gently wafts across the stage like a pastel painting of a Renaissance picnic. This is a show that comes out like a prize fighter for a twelve-round war. It's a show that *celebrates* the tension and interplay between masculine and feminine energies.

The impact Michael Flatley and Lord of the Dance has had on the Irish dancing world cannot be overstated. Notice, for instance, how fast kilts were replaced by trousers in the competition scene after Michael threw away the rulebook. And speaking of rules, notice how competitive Irish dancing has gotten way more accelerated and intricate as the world has spent the last quarter-century trying to catch up with Michael's record-setting speed and intensity?

For whatever reason, there's been something of a social stigma about men dancing. This makes absolutely no sense. Dancing is something deeply instinctual in all of us. Dance is the purest artistic expression of human emotion, and the masculine half of that equation is just as compelling as the feminine half.

On social media, we frequently receive videos of kids dancing along to Lord of the Dance videos in their parents' living rooms. Look at how free they are! They're just dancing with their hearts. Decades from now, we hope to see some of those kids, now grown-ups, on our stage as members of Team Lord.

Everything in life is contrast. Good versus evil. Love versus lust. Masculine versus feminine. These are not subtle distinctions; they are clearly different, and one of the great strengths of Lord of the Dance is that it's a show which spotlights these contrasts. Yes, there are surprising layers of depth to the show's story structure and symbology as a dance adaptation of the Joseph Campbell Monomyth, but this show gets to the point: loud colors, big characters, actual explosions, a rollercoaster of emotion, hardcore Irish dancing that no one else in the world can do, and a feel-good finale that leaves you wanting more.

The very title of the show is a masculine title. While the ethos of the show applies to all genders -- to work hard, triumph over adversity, and become the best of the best -- it's a show that demands a tremendous amount of full-throttle *male* energy to work. You don't walk out onto that stage and apologize; you fire off your coat, swagger in front of thousands of people, and show them stuff no one else can do.

This show is called LORD of the Dance, not Sort Of The Dance.

Fortunately, Team Lord has the best Irish dance lads in the world. As exemplified here by Lord of the Dance Matt Smith as he leads the Warlords during a recent performance in Germany.

To all men out there: if you hear the call to dance in your heart -- pursue it. It's there for a reason.


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