Follow Your Dream, Day #279: The Music Within

Eric Hoffer once wrote, "Only stretched souls make music."

Lord of the Dance is certainly proof of that. This is not a show that was built gently by committee in an ivory tower; this show is a primal howl that grabs you by the lapels and shouts big, primary colors into your brain. Put up in only ten weeks by an artist who bankrupted himself to prove a point, that raw energy, channeled, became the foundation of the biggest-selling dance show of all time.

Use this as inspiration. All of us, when we were young, were given a dream by the universe. Those dreams are still there. In a period of tremendous upheaval, emotions -- the basis of all creative art -- run high. And if you find yourself isolated with time on your hands, what better time to put those hands to use?

Learn that language you've always wanted to learn. Pick up a musical instrument. Write. Draw. Dance. *Create.* You're reading this journal entry on the internet, the greatest library of human knowledge in history; this is exactly the time to use it to your advantage by learning and growing, so that when the world emerges from its isolation, you're that much closer to your dream.

You can't control the things happening to the world. But you *can* control what you choose to do with the time and resources you have. If a poor kid from Chicago can literally invent an entirely new genre of entertainment around the Irish jig -- with a show in which a Hungarian who learned Irish dance in his twenties became its senior dance captain, and an Italian violinist (Giada Costenaro Cunningham, pictured here) became the longest-serving fiddle player in any Irish dance show's history -- then imagine what you can do if you set your mind to it.

Your dream might just change the world.


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