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Follow Your Dream, Day #280: Rediscover

Self-isolated? Looking for some entertainment?

Perhaps it's time to revisit Planet Ireland.

Twenty-four years ago, Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance changed the world. A show forged in the white-hot fury of an artist out to prove to the world what his art form atop Irish dancing could do when completely unfettered, it took the whole planet by storm, outselling major touring rock acts, playing at the Oscars, and achieving something incredibly rare: creating an experience that three generations of family could enjoy together -- and rewatch.

And boy, was there a lot of rewatching. The original VHS video release of Lord of the Dance sold into the tens of millions. Subsequent iterations of the show, such as the turbocharged Feet of Flames, not only played in *stadiums* but also sold countless millions of copies.

There was simply nothing else like it. An entirely new genre of entertainment -- the professional Irish dance show -- exploded out of nowhere, and a once-in-a-lifetime charismatic performer was not only the star of it across multiple shows, but also the choreographer and primary creative force.

Simply put: to the average person, the professional Irish dance show is synonymous with Michael Flatley's art form atop Irish dance, and the products which come from it. Which, frankly, makes sense -- he invented the genre.

Today the genre is significantly larger. However, the flagship continues to be Lord of the Dance. It's the one show where you can see Michael's art form on full display, let loose, brought to life by the finest Irish dancers in the world.

For the last nine months, we've shown you Lord of the Dance in ways you simply haven't seen *any* dance show before: by placing cameras on the dancers themselves, livestreaming the action from backstage, and featuring individual performers via live interactive chats, you get to appreciate the new generation and form an entirely new emotional bond outside of the nostalgia for the past.

That bond will continue. During this dark time when it seems the whole planet has gone into isolation, the streets empty and the stores closed, we continue to livestream today's generation on Dancelord TV (, conducting interactive video interviews with today's stars in which you get to ask your questions on the spot and see the action as it happens.

But this time is also an opportunity to look back over the shoulder and rediscover the magic that got us here, selling out theatres and arenas nearly a quarter of a century later.

Dim the lights. Put your feet up. Turn on the TV. And rediscover Lord of the Dance: the dream given form.


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