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Follow Your Dream, Day #281: Tour Stories

So: how does Lord of the Dance -- a touring show -- continue to entertain when the whole world goes into lockdown?

The answer: show you cool tour stories that happened backstage *live* on Dancelord TV.

In the last nine months, we've focused primarily on showing you performance highlights from a completely different angle -- backstage and onstage itself -- in order to establish a new visual identity for this new generation so that you can enjoy the show without constant nostalgia comparisons. And, judging from the response we've gotten so far, it's worked.

So now comes the next step: showing you the backstage world itself in more detail, so that you can get to know each member of the troupe.

You've already gotten a taste of this, with the recent video featuring dance captain Andrea Papp-Kren performing an impromptu female Warlords backstage whilst Alasdair Spencer and James Keegan watched. The idea of Dancelord TV is to be part of the backstage experience with Team Lord as it happens, so that when you buy a ticket to see the show live -- or rewatch the Dangerous Games video -- you have the same sort of emotional attachment to each individual in the current troupe that you have to the classic troupes.

To kick off the new Tour Stories video series, we're starting with a fun backstage moment from Germany just a few weeks ago, featuring Matt Smith and Zoltan Papp. You can hear Giada and Aisling performing the Lament and No Surrender just a few meters away onstage; if you look closely at the beginning of the video, Matt's checking a cell phone -- that's the Twitch chat room, where he could see *your* comments coming in live.

Backstage at Lord of the Dance is a whole world of zaniness, and we have literally hundreds of hours of footage with stories just like this. The full content is available to Dancelord TV subscribers (if you have Amazon Prime, you can actually link it to your Twitch account and subscribe for free), but with everything going on in the world right now, we figured it's a good time to entertain you with some highlights!


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