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Follow Your Dream, Day #284: Connor Smyth

Pop quiz: what's Connor Smyth's nickname?

If you answered, "Pops", you've been watching Dancelord TV on Twitch.

Each member of Team Lord is a unique personality. They all have their own stories to share, and the journey of all of them together when the show is on tour is an incredibly compelling adventure to showcase. Although current world events prevent us -- and everyone else -- from touring right now, all of that backstage streaming we've been doing on tour gives us literally hundreds of hours of content, from which we're continuing to share excerpts to social media. And since livestreaming can be done from anywhere over the internet, we can continue to entertain you on Dancelord TV ( with exciting content such as yesterday's interactive Irish dance lessons.

We also have some nifty performance footage from 2020 which we want to showcase, such as the video attached to today's journal entry. Shot onstage by Connor Smyth as he performed, this is an amazing look at the show's title number at the end of the first act.

Pops simply has charisma coming out of every pore. Friendly and soft-spoken, he walks into a room looking like a rock star. He seems to embody the classic ethos of Lord of the Dance: show up, work out like crazy, rip up the stage with hardcore Irish dancing, then off to the pub for boxing, football, and a few pints.

Up until nine months ago, no one had ever shown you what it's like to actually be up on that stage; even now, after releasing dozens of these onstage videos, it's still jaw-dropping to see the dance from the dancer's perspective. You're literally seeing the show from the inside out.

Today, you get to see what Pops saw.

We may have a lot of fun behind the curtain -- the backstage videos are proof of that -- but when it's time to take the stage, Lord of the Dance is the tip of the spear in Irish dancing.

And, one day, we will be back out there on the road once more, enthralling audiences all over the world just like this.


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