Follow Your Dream, Day #289: Tapestry

Lord of the Dance has existed for 24 years. In that span of time, the number of Irish dancers, past and present, who can count themselves amongst the ranks of Team Lord has grown to a fairly appreciable statistic.

This means that there are lots and lots of tour stories that you've just never seen.

One such example: the photograph attached to today's journal entry comes from Team Lord alum Owen Joe McAuley. How many faces do you recognize here? Some of them should be very easy to pick out; we want to see in the comments below how many in total you recognize.

Heck, let's take it this up one level: how many of you were aware that Lord of the Dance even had its own informal football squads at one point?

Team Lord has always embraced the work-hard-play-harder philosophy: show up, work your tail off, blow the roof off the arena, then off to the pub. This is the biggest-selling dance show in the world, after all, and while it's renowned for its technical precision, it's a rock concert rather than a polite night of ivory-tower theatre. The dancers who make it into Lord of the Dance are the hardest-working and finest in the world; the very nature of that overachieving personality type often comes with a certain devil-may-care streak when it's time to let the hair down.

In the days before social media, you might not have even shown a photo like this. How does this fit into the overall brand strategy, a board room might ask?

Simple: authenticity.

The rise of social media has completely upended how we consume -- and want to consume -- content from our favorite brands. Lord of the Dance is particularly well-suited to this, because it's a show that celebrates and spotlights the performer, inviting you to get to know the people involved and appreciate them for the skills they spent their entire lives honing.

And, judging from the massive uptick we've seen over the last nine months as we've shown you more behind-the-scenes photos like this, as well as introducing livestreaming to the show so that you can interact with the performers on the spot in real time, it seems you're really hungry for these sorts of stories -- because all of this is the *story* of the show itself, and every thread added to the tapestry creates a bigger picture.

This picture is one new part of the tapestry, woven over the last quarter of a century. And the comments from the alumni over on Owen's original post hint at all sorts of fun stories beyond this, which we'll simply leave to your imagination. But if this one image has brought a smile to your face today, especially during this time when we're all at home, then that entertainment alone is worth it.


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