Follow Your Dream, Day #291: Songs of A Distant Hope

Why do we long to gather together?

Before there was television, before there was radio, before there were movies, before there were books, before there was even the concept of the written word: there was song and dance. We gather together in darkness around a bright campfire and enrich our existence by sharing emotions.

In the modern world, we do the same thing, just scaled up: we gather together in dark, cavernous structures and enjoy song and dance in front of bright lights and screens, enriching our existence via sharing emotions. We just put those emotions together in a logical sequence to tell a story, and call it a show.

The genius of Lord of the Dance is in its simplicity. It dispenses with everything else and just gets to the emotion. The deeper meanings and symbology are there, but it never loses sight of why we're all here to begin with: to share emotions.

Remember this: when times are difficult, and the world makes no sense, we all share the same basic emotions: to feel safe, to feel loved, to give beyond ourselves. "Simple" stories help reinforce this communal bedrock upon which we live our lives.

And perhaps, just perhaps, it inspires you to stand up by the campfire, and sing your own song or dance your own dance.

Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance -- both the show itself, and the meta-story surrounding the show's creation -- carries a simple message: you can either change the world, or let others change it for you.

The singer in the photograph attached to this journal entry is Sarah Louise Dooley. She had a dream to perform in Lord of the Dance. She pursued that dream. It took a long time. And when the opportunity met all that preparation, she became the show's vocalist as well as one of the dancers. Her performances, just in Q1 of this year, have now been seen by countless tens of thousands of people.

The history of Team Lord is filled with such overachieving men and women. But what does it mean to be an "overachiever"? Doesn't it just mean to follow your dream?

The whole world is paused right now. You have an opportunity to uncover your passion and pursue it. *Take* that opportunity. Prepare. And if you are already on the path, *stay* on the path. Because that preparation will lead to the next opportunity. And one day, before you know it, you're the one standing up by the campfire, singing and dancing, filling the lives of others will soaring emotion.


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