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Follow Your Dream, Day #297: Mick McHugh

Who’s the prankster in your circle of friends?

You know whom we’re talking about. Whether it’s your extended family or your friends or your coworkers, there’s always one prankster.

You’re picturing the prankster in your life right now. Impish. Mischievous. Lovably annoying.

Team Lord’s resident prankster is Sean Michael McHugh, known simply to the team as Mick.

Mick McHugh is an interesting study in contrasts. When he wants to be serious, he can rip out intricate rhythm patterns like nothing you’ve ever seen before. But his default mode seems to be one stop short of insanity. If there’s a prank that occurs on tour, it’s safe money that Mick is at or near the epicenter.

You need people like this on tour. Lord of the Dance is a giant family, adventuring to all corners of the world, spending almost every waking moment of every day with each other. Whether it’s a long ride on the Lordbus, waiting in a check-in queue for a flight, hanging out at catering, working out backstage, or celebrating at the pub after a show, you typically only have an hour or two per day to yourself.

Team Lord has always embodied the work-hard-play-hard philosophy. Look up talks from any special forces unit in any military; when they talk about their time together in the field, there’s a camaraderie, an esprit de corps, that they all share. In the professional Irish dance world, it’s similar in this regard; these are highly trained professionals, doing something very few people can do, and they often prank each other mercilessly.

It’s these sorts of backstage stories that performers remember years and decades later, as you read in the recent story involving David “Bunny” Johnston. And it’s this unprecedented and unfiltered look behind the curtain that Lord of the Dance has opened up to you, because this is a show that’s never hidden behind a false veneer. Lord of the Dance is an arena rock concert fused with high-octane dancing, explosions, and massive screen effects; it would be very odd if the backstage environment *wasn’t* a lively place to be.

Remember, what you see in this video was streamed *live.* Anything could have happened. Which is what makes it so much fun. If you enjoy these excerpts, make sure to subscribe to Dancelord TV, so that you can see literally hundreds of hours of onstage and backstage action with the greatest troupe of Irish dancers in the world.


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