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Follow Your Dream, Day #301: A Night Backstage

Ever wondered what it would be like to be backstage in the wings during a performance of Lord of the Dance?

Granted, now that we livestream backstage to Dancelord TV (, you can actually chat with the performers live as the show's happening. It's an exciting new way of being entertained by the show, but we've only been doing it for the last ten months; what would it look and feel like if livestreaming wasn't there, and you were just a fly on the wall during a performance?

As luck would have it, we can actually simulate this. Back in January, Lord of the Dance's 2020 season kicked off in China. Since livestreaming wasn't an option due to the Great Firewall, we had a chance to passively film the show backstage. It was truly flattering when several of the cast told us later that they genuinely missed the interactive livestreaming -- being able to chat live with fans around the world has become an integral part of the Team Lord touring experience -- but it gave us a chance to put together a video like the one attached to this journal entry.

This video condenses the backstage experience of a brace of hours into a handful of minutes. We've deliberately produced it in a very minimalist fashion: none of the usual sound effects, etc. that we add in post production for a laugh on social media. For this specific episode of Tour Stories, we want you to feel like you're actually right there, waiting in the wings, seeing all the action as we see it every night.

Right now, with the whole world paused for an indefinite period of time, the thrill of seeing a live show seems like a lifetime ago. But this too shall inevitably pass; and when it does, Planet Ireland will rise again, with heroes and villains to enthrall you upon its stage.


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