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Follow Your Dream, Day #302: The Wall of Sound

Want to know what separates Lord of the Dance from everything else?


It's you. It's always *been* you. At the end of Lord of the Dance, you're on your feet. You're screaming. There are tears running down your face. You might be dancing -- actually dancing -- in the aisle.

Lord of the Dance isn't a polite evening of theatre. Lord of the Dance ROCKS. It shouts emotions in primary colors at your brain for two hours, and at the end of it, it's like someone scored a goal at the World Cup. The wall of *sound* from you and everyone else in that audience...

It's a roar.

It's primal.

Whether it's one-thousand people or a hundred-thousand people, regardless of age, language, or culture, it's *exactly* the same.

Lord of the Dance is a show that goes out there and lays it all on the line. You sense that. That *authenticity* has always been there, and it always will be -- because just the physical act of getting through the performance is something only the most highly-trained and physically fit Irish dancers can even attempt.

You don't walk away from a Lord of the Dance performance thinking about eating finger sandwiches whilst composing a haiku. You walk out of the arena with your hair standing straight up and your eyes wide, saying to your friends and loved ones, "Did you SEE that?"

Because positive high energy -- triumph over adversity -- is what this show is all about.

One day soon, Team Lord will once again take the stage. For today, though, we hope this brief, raw video from the most recent tour brings a smile to your face, uplifts your day, and reminds you to keep pushing forward.


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