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Follow Your Dream, Day #338: A Dream Given Form

How many of you played with building blocks as kids and dreamt up magical worlds filled with incredible adventures?

Most of us did it as children. Those who do it successfully as adults are the dream creators who build our modern myths.

In pop-culture conversations about Michael Flatley, most people talk about his skill as a dancer nonpareil; what's often overlooked, though, is his genius as a creative storyteller. When you see a show title with "Michael Flatley's" in the prefix, you're seeing something wildly original and completely beyond anything you'd imagined.

That's not hyperbole, by the way. That's just a statement of fact. Hence how a hitherto-obscure cultural dance can be dressed to sell out entire stadiums. That doesn't happen on a fluke; it happens with a lot of hard work.

And it starts with the dream.

In 1998, that dream was Feet of Flames. From the construction of that dream, we gain a new perspective. Whatever *your* dream is, put in the work -- even if it takes decades of toil in poverty, as it did for Michael -- and keep fighting for it.

It just might come true.


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