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Follow Your Dream, Day #344: Dress Rehearsal

We're frequently asked, "Do you prefer smaller theatres or larger arenas?"

There are advantages to both. With a smaller venue, the audience is usually much closer to the stage. But let's be honest: there just isn't anything that compares to seeing Lord of the Dance in a properly big setting, scaled up, its wings fully unfurled. Like seeing Star Wars in IMAX, there are just some experiences that can only be had on a grand scale.

Sometimes it's easier to get a sense of that scale when the venue's empty. So, here's a tantalizing glimpse at the Feet of Flames dress rehearsal of Cry of the Celts in Hyde Park.

Remember, 24 months before this footage was filmed, Michael Flatley was being ripped apart in the press and no one gave his new show, Lord of the Dance, any chance to succeed. But, to quote Joe Straczynski, "What is built endures. And what is loved endures."

And within those 24 months, the threadbare show with its heart on its rolled-up sleeve turned into the biggest touring act on the planet.


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