Follow Your Dream, Day #346: Esprit de Corps

Who at some point in their lives hasn't looked up at the stars and dreamt of adventure?

As adventures go, Lord of the Dance is a pretty spectacular one: you tour the world, captivate many thousands of people every single night, and do something that uplifts and enriches the lives of everyone who witnesses it.

Like any adventure, it comes with a price tag. Just to earn a shot at Team Lord is years -- sometimes decades -- of brutally hard work. Earning a slot in a Michael Flatley show is the Irish dance equivalent of being a special forces operator; Team Lord is the proverbial tip of the spear, pushing things harder and further than anyone ever dreamt possible, which is why the show is so successful to this day. Thus, you spend months on the road, away from family and loved ones. The hours are long, the sleep is short, and the work is constant. This is not a path for the timid.

What an adventure it is, though. And what makes it so special: the bonds of friendship formed amongst those who commit to the journey.

There is something magical about a shared experience. All human beings, to some extent, have the innate desire to give beyond oneself; to be part of something larger. Which is why we've spent the last year using new technologies to take you on the journey with us, *live,* so that you can experience the adventure from home and gain a new appreciation for the hard work that Team Lord puts in to bring the dream to life.

Every single night, when this pandemic idles the engines and locks the doors, we create a new journey with you live from our homes to yours: because, no matter how long it takes, this crisis too shall pass. When it does, and we venture forth once more with the show, you'll have been there with us the entire time.

See you live tonight on the internet -- and see you again soon on the road.


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