Some impressive moves!

Follow Your Dream, Day #348: Dance Wherever You May Be

Have you seen this wonderfully heartwarming and funny #IrishDance video, courtesy of this story from The Irish Post? If you haven't, click on it now. Does the music sound familiar? ;)

What's great about this video is its authenticity. This is from a live stream; ever since the pandemic forced the world into lockdown, livestreaming and internet videos have gone properly mainstream. Lord of the Dance has already been livestreaming for almost a full year -- with new broadcasts coming out every day right now -- but now that internet videos have become really the only way to provide new content during lockdown, it's wonderful to see how this relatively new form of entertainment is permeating into aspects of society you might otherwise not expect it to.

It's also a reminder that while you may not be able to control events happening around you, you *can* control how you deal with them. We think nothing of dancing as children; yet, as adults, we seem to bury that innate instinct deep inside and lock it away. Perhaps seeing this video encourages you to bring that inner child back out. The dance is already there; just let it pick your feet up and move you.


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