Follow Your Dream, Day #351: The Little Spirit in All of Us

The Little Spirit is the central character of Lord of the Dance. Planet Ireland, and everything in it, is the Little Spirit's dream. More than that, though: the Little Spirit is the inner child in all of us.

Remember looking up into the nighttime sky with awe when you were a child? The yearning to explore, and the call to adventure? That's what the Little Spirit embodies. Planet Ireland is the magic realism of her imagination made manifest, and we explore it through her.

This fantasy element is critical, because the Little Spirit gives you permission to *feel* your way through the show. As we all grow older, we tend to *think* more and *feel* less; but as so many fantasy worlds over the ages have shown -- everything from the Camelot of Chrétien de Troyes to the Narnia of C.S. Lewis, and countless more such worlds from other notable authors and artists -- that inner child in all of us, no matter how old, yearns to break free and *feel* life once more.

The real world is a confusing place fraught with all the problems you see every day. And thus, like Peter Pan, we wish we could fly away to Neverland, where the colors are bright, the villains twirl their moustaches, and the heroes always do the right thing.

No matter what, never lose the Little Spirit that's inside you. Hold onto that spark with all your heart.

And when the time is right, Planet Ireland will arise once more.


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