Follow Your Dream, Day #360: We Move As One

One of the great joys of life is the shared experience.

We enter this world alone and we depart it alone. The vast in-between is called life. How you spend that life is up to you. But one thing we all seem to crave is being a part of something larger than ourselves. The camaraderie of a shared experience -- especially one earned through significant difficulty and sacrifice -- creates social bonds that last a lifetime.

This is where Lord of the Dance truly shines. It's a show with a chip on its shoulder, built around the ethos of training for a title fight: go in, work harder than everyone else, work longer than everyone else, do things that no one else can do, and go the distance when the other guy's corner throws in the towel.

Team Lord is a work-hard-party-hard environment. As it should be. When you pay money to see a Lord of the Dance performance, you know you're seeing the best Irish dancers in the world in a billion-dollar dance show that blows out your eardrums and screams emotions in primary colors directly into your eyeballs.

For the people who create that magic, that shared bond is indelible. And during the last year, we've livestreamed that journey so that you get to be a part of it -- because the real strength of this show is the connection we make with you. At the end, when you're standing on your feet and wildly applauding, that rush of positive high energy is like a wave that blankets the stage.

That livestream journey continues, even now. Just because the show can't tour doesn't mean we can't still entertain and interact with you. For months, we've been livestreaming every night with a variety of shows -- arts and crafts, video gaming, cooking, interactive workouts, Irish dance lessons, and more -- to keep that fire going. Because that helps you build up an emotional connection to the amazing current troupe, just as we all have an emotional connection to the amazing troupes that came before us, such as the legendary OG Troupe. This way, when we *do* go back out on the road, you'll look at a photo like this and be able to pick out every single person in it -- because you've already interacted with them and gotten to know them.

The shared experience is the magic of Lord of the Dance. It is you, as well as us, keeping the dream alive right now. And when this crisis passes and Planet Ireland arises once more? When we're gathered together in one place at last? What an amazing shared experience *that* will be.


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