Follow Your Dream, Day #364: For the Crew

This one goes out to the crew.

They are the people you *don't* see, who make it possible for you to enjoy the people you *do* see. You form the emotional attachments to the performers onstage; they are the ones who bring that magic to life, whom you pay money to be entertained by. But that magic isn't possible without the army of personnel behind the curtain who literally build it every single night.

When the Lordbus shows up at the venue and the troupe comes bopping in, the crew has already been there for ages, getting the load-in meticulously done, piece by piece. When the show is over, and the troupe is heading back to the hotel, the crew is still hard at work, just as meticulously striking the set, packing it up, and heading to the next venue.

You think our bus journeys are long sometimes? You should see their truck journeys.

Planet Ireland is a magical kingdom full of lights, explosions, and dazzling visuals. But a magical kingdom is still hand-built with hard work. These lads are made of iron and steel, and there is no show without them.

You know the old adage that when you see an iceberg, you only see the portion above the waterline, and the bulk of it is under the surface, out of view? The same is true of Lord of the Dance. Team Lord is comprised of everyone on that stage and everyone behind it, all working together in unison to deliver an experience you never forget.

Every. Single. Night.


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