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Follow Your Dream, Day #367: The Fans

How does Lord of the Dance gross over a billion dollars and become by far the most successful Irish dance show of all time?

It's the special connection between the fans and the show. The truth of Lord of the Dance as an *authentic* experience.

Lord of the Dance isn't for someone who wants to be in an austere ivory tower. That might win a few press critics, but it doesn't win *hearts.* This is a show that's refreshingly straightforward: loud emotions, good guys versus bad guys, and a rock 'n roll experience that makes you feel *good.*

The show is inextricably tied to the metastory of Michael Flatley's life. The outsider, the blue-collar Yank, the rags-to-riches journey: swinging for the fences, upending tradition, having to start over after it all got taken away, and through unimaginable hard work, achieving success against all the odds.

This is why the show is so successful: it's *authentic.* When you watch the original Lord of the Dance 1996 video, it's so blisteringly intense because it's *real.* It's a do-or-die, winner-take-all *war* with Team Lord on one side and a vast array of prominent figures arrayed against Michael on the other, doing everything possible to stop him. It all came down to what he and his new show -- Lord of the Dance -- could deliver.

People have an innate ability to read between the lines. You know when you're being fed a corporate-approved image and when someone's being straight with you. Michael literally put it all on the line in 1996, and left it up to you to decide which side you wanted to take.

The results speak for themselves.

And that brings us back to you. Because *you* made that success a reality. The video attached to today's journal entry was released twenty years ago. Next year is the 25th anniversary of the show. Michael's been retired from the stage for years, and you're still with us, because this is *his* show and *his* art form, and there's nothing else like it, no matter how much other parties try to play off his work as their own. Over the last year, we've embarked on a tremendous reawakening of the fans via social media, which is only going to accelerate.

Things are happening. You feel it. Even a global pandemic can't stop us.

A new generation has arisen to carry Michael's art form onward. And as you've seen, we're already doing things now that no other show does, giving you unbelievable live and interactive access to Team Lord.

You just can't believe what's coming.

So, hey, this is a shout-out to you. You're still here, and we're still here.

What say we go on another amazing adventure?


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