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Follow Your Dream, Day #368: One Year of Livestreaming

One year ago, we introduced livestreaming to Lord of the Dance. For the first time ever, you could see what was happening backstage in real time, interact with the troupe LIVE as the show was happening, and even go onstage with the dancers *as they performed.*

No one quite knew what to expect, because it had simply never been done before. But if you know anything about Michael Flatley and Lord of the Dance, "That's never been done before" is where we live.

Today, after a year of insanely hard work, livestreaming has become a fully-integrated aspect of the Lord of the Dance brand. But remember last year the shock of suddenly seeing your favorite dance show turned into interactive reality TV? After more than two decades of comparatively little audiovisual material -- especially for a billion-dollar dance show that's a global phenomenon -- suddenly you could go on tour with us as it was happening. You were there on the Lordbus. You were backstage in the arenas. You were asking questions to some of the most famous Irish dancers in the world -- and they were answering *you,* live on the spot.

It's easy to figure out why we're doing this. Lord of the Dance has always been about the connection between the fans and the show. Today's Team Lord troupe are the finest Irish dancers in the world right now, but how could you get to know them if there was little out there online to showcase them? This isn't some generic show where anyone can be replaced; this is a show that *celebrates* each individual and wants you to form a connection with them.

With the original commercial video releases in 1996 and 1998 -- especially since they were in an era before the internet as we think of it today existed -- we all formed an intense emotional connection to the OG Troupe and the dancers of that era; the goal of all this livestreaming is to help you get to know the current troupe just as well, because *they are the next generation.*

The purpose of this entire last year was a reawakening: to rebuild the community and take everyone on a journey. And to remind everyone that when it comes to the world of Irish dancing, Lord of the Dance is the most exciting and innovative place to be.

It's working.

That journey is accelerating now. Ironically, in these last few months, Team Lord's decision to add livestreaming to the brand seems eerily prescient, as virtually everyone has had to jump into the online world due to the pandemic. By starting last year, we've been able to systematically test what works and what doesn't -- which is very important for what's coming.

...Which, of course, begs the question of what exactly *is* coming.

Short answer: a lot.

Get ready.


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