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Follow Your Dream, Day #371: Stir Crazy

Need a laugh? How about a new episode of Tour Stories?

In late February and into mid-March, Lord of the Dance was touring Austria and Germany. After the crazy ride that was China, Taiwan, and Mexico, we were settling in for what we thought would be a more conventional tour on our third continent in 90 days.

It was a really fun, good tour; we had new cast members with us -- Ellie-Mae Wheeler, Casey Lenaghan, Aisling Sage, and Sarah Louise Dooley -- the audiences were absolutely amazing every single night, and everyone was in good spirits. Of course, as you know, that tour got short because of this little thing called a global pandemic -- which has kept nearly the whole world more or less in lockdown for the last few months.

This goes without saying: we *really* miss being on tour. And as soon as we can safely get back out on the road and you can safely come and see us, we look forward to entertaining you once live once again. Until then, though, we're doing all sorts of fun things to keep the entertainment going: we're livestreaming every single day to social media -- Irish dance lessons, interactive music lessons, cooking shows, workout sessions, talk shows, interviews, and more -- and since we were also livestreaming during the tour, we can pull out some highlights from various performances to share with you.

One of the big things that separates LOTD content from everyone else's digital content in the Irish dance world right now is the humor. When we're on that stage, it's all business: Team Lord is the elite tip of the spear in the Irish dance world, getting audiences on their feet every single night. But when we're at home? When we're *all* at home? And going outside the house feels like you're gambling with your life? *Laughter* is the best medicine.

It's a point we've proven with the insanely popular Dance For Hope videos, and our Tour Stories series is similarly designed to give you a taste of the zany chaos that is backstage life on tour. Aside from it being good entertainment for a general audience, this is especially true for any competitive Irish dancers watching this who have aspirations of turning pro. Becoming a top-shelf Irish dancer is hard enough -- the constant grind, the endless practice, the sore muscles -- and it's even harder now that you have to learn from home. If you're going to put in all that work with dreams of turning pro -- where the work gets *exponentially* harder -- you probably want to know that there's a lot of fun to go with it, right?

Lord of the Dance is FUN.

We work hard. We play hard. And we can't wait to get back out there and do it again.

Until then, enjoy this peek behind the curtain, originally livestreamed to Dancelord TV in March 2020. Featuring appearances by James Keegan, Alasdair Spencer, Cathal Keaney, Ellie-Mae Grace Wheeler, Rohan Bole, Joe Harrison, Krén András, Andrea Papp-Krén, Casey Lenaghan, Erin-Kate Mcilravey, Paul McCabe, Ryan Thomas Lalley, Olivia Graydon, Connor Smyth, Zoltan Papp, Giada Cunningham, and many more members of Team Lord, we hope this brightens your day with a laugh or two.


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