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Follow Your Dream, Day #384: OG Kerrie Connolly Throws Down

In the mood for some #SundayFunnies?

Irish dancing is usually considered a young person's sport; due to its extreme physical demands, it's comparatively rare to see competitive dancers past their mid-twenties, and most professional Irish dancers are often done by their mid-thirties.

This is especially true today. Competitive Irish dancing has accelerated to the point where dancers today are doing intricate moves that simply didn't exist a quarter of a century ago. Meanwhile, professional Irish dancers -- especially in Team Lord -- maintain insanely high levels of physical fitness in order to withstand the realities of touring life and still deliver a show that can get tens of thousands of people on their feet.

You might think, then, that the old guard simply wouldn't be able to keep up. Even -- whisper it -- the legendary #LordOfTheDance OG Troupe. As amazing as their achievements are, how could a pack of hard-partying fortysomethings who never set foot in a gym and consumed Guinness by the gallon possibly keep pace with today's generation?

This is what happened just recently, when OG Kerrie Connolly was challenged by her daughter, Olivia, to perform a basic treble reel -- and was concerned her mom wouldn't be able to keep up.

To quote the internet: O RLY?

Anyone who's seen Dance For Hope II can guess what happens next. But the important thing is this: you're never too old to dance.

Say it until you mean it: you're never too old to dance.

You're *never* too old to dance.

You're never too old to *dance.*


P.S. -- Keep going, Miss Olivia!

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