Follow Your Dream, Day #393: The New Generation

Study the faces in this photograph by Dark Lord Alasdair Spencer. By now, you should be able to name all of them.

This is important. To be a member of Team Lord is to represent the pinnacle of #IrishDance. With the 25th anniversary year of #LordOfTheDance coming up in less than six months, it's a foregone conclusion these men and women -- who have sacrificed throughout their lives to get to where they're at, who have literally bled and broken bones and torn muscles to earn the right to carry forward the standard of Michael Flatley's billion-dollar dance show -- are going to be incredibly busy people.

The last year has seen a tremendous reawakening in the fanbase. Every single day, there's a new story, a new picture, a new video -- something adding to the tapestry, recreating the magic of the original Visitors Book, when you *had* to check back multiple times per day just to make sure you didn't miss anything, and thus formed a strong emotional connection to the performers of that era.

Just yesterday: you had an inspirational post, a brand-new video featuring four OG Troupe legends (with never-before-seen 1996 rehearsal footage), LIVE Irish dance lessons with a current lead dancer whom you could interact with on the spot, and a birthday spotlight post on a current troupe member, who'd been livestreaming for the past few months.

All of that -- in a single day.

And through it all, for those paying attention: hints of things to come.

Events are happening faster now. In classic storytelling structure, rising action follows introduction. The last year was all introduction: introducing you to the current troupe, introducing you to livestreaming, introducing you to a tonally *different* approach to how we communicate with you, and invite you to communicate back with us. This is about more than just selling tickets; this is about translating Lord of the Dance into an entire thriving ecosystem that lives both on the road and in your living room.

If we've done our jobs correctly, you should recognize every single person in this photograph. And you should have an emotional connection to them. For it is through them that the journey continues, and the legacy of Michael Flatley and the OG Troupe shines once again.

The introduction phase is nearly complete. Soon comes the rising action.


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