Follow Your Dream, Day #404: Lifelong Friendships

One aspect of touring life in Team Lord that comes up repeatedly across all of the stories and interviews with alumni and current troupe members alike: the lifelong friendships that are formed.

The actual experience of being on tour is difficult to describe. You commit to months on the road with the same group of people from all over the world, spending nearly every waking moment with them: eating with them, traveling with them, working out with them, and performing a highly specialized act in front of thousands -- or tens of thousands -- of screaming fans every night. Like a rock skipping over the surface of a lake, cities and countries change, languages change, local customs and cuisine change -- but the mission is the same.

It is, hand on heart, the most incredible fun you can ever have. It's an *adventure.*

And part of that adventure -- a big part of it -- is the shared experience with others who are with you on the journey. The real world, with all its uncertainties and perils, is replaced with the bubble-world of going through daily life with a *purpose,* shared by everyone around you. It's an intense emotional and psychological experience, and only the people with you on the journey can fully understand it.

Ask yourself this: how many friends do you still have today from various past chapters of your life? In the case of Team Lord, we've read time and again about how alumni will stay in each others' lives for years or decades afterward, falling back into old conversation patterns as though no time had passed at all. And the same is true for the current troupe; these are people who will still be in each others' lives decades from now, celebrated in much the same way we currently celebrate the OG Troupe, as a new generation takes the stage.

It is these friendships, these shared experiences, which are a big part of what makes life worth living. And we cannot wait for the day when we can once again go on tour and resume the journey, bringing Planet Ireland to everyone all over the world.

(Photo credit: Alasdair Spencer)


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