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Follow Your Dream, Day #408: Dancelord TV

Raise your hand if daily #LordOfTheDance live entertainment has become part of your life.

It's pretty remarkable if you think about it. This process started 408 days ago, with this very production journal. We committed to giving you a new story every single day. With the introduction of livestreaming last year, you could suddenly interact with us backstage and go on tour with us from the comfort of your living room; by placing cameras on the dancers themselves as they performed, you could see what it actually looks like out there as it's taking place.

When the pandemic hit, it shut down live touring shows around the world. So we adapted, and brought some of your favorite Team Lord personalities to you from their homes to yours.

Every day, you can directly interact, live, with a member of Lord of the Dance.

That's kind of a big deal.

Things are accelerating now. Interviews with Team Lord alumni. Stories written by the dancers themselves. Never-before-seen archive footage. A reunion of the legendary OG Troupe for a spectacular dance video. A brief glimpse of Michael *himself* dancing -- and a delicious teaser:

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.

The numbers don't lie: there has been a massive reawakening in the fanbase. Lord of the Dance never went away, but as we approach its 25th anniversary year, there's a feeling of a certain magic coming *back.* And that feeling is real.

It's very, very important to get to know the members of the current troupe; they are the next generation of Lord of the Dance (the NG Troupe? The S Generation?), and these performers whom you've seen on your screen for the last year just might be the people you see onstage in Planet Ireland arises.

Special credit must go to Dark Lord Alasdair Spencer for his work creating this Dancelord TV video, showcasing our regular hosts. Team Lord is packed with insane levels of talent, and the spotlight is only going to grow brighter.

Tonight's show: live interactive #IrishDance lessons with Lord of the Dance Cathal Keaney. See you here!


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