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Follow Your Dream, Day #412: Stolen Kiss -- Wembley Bootleg

Who's up for another never-before-seen fan bootleg from Wembley 1998? This time we've got something special for you: Stolen Kiss, with Bernadette Flynn and Kelly Hendry!

There's a lot of fun stuff to discuss here. First and foremost: the movements are just on fire. Even though this is a grainy 22-year-old VHS transfer of a fan bootleg, the dancing just absolutely shines. Choreography is only as memorable as the dancers who bring it to life, and by seeing everything in one unbroken shot, this gives you a tiny glimpse of what it must have been like to see this magic happen live onstage. Remember, #LordOfTheDance sold out Wembley for 21 nights in a row -- a record which still stands today.

Second: Queen Bernadette. Being Michael Flatley's dance partner, especially in a romance-themed duet, means you have to be *really* good at what you do, because you're onstage with the legend himself. By the time this performance was filmed in 1998, Michael and Bernadette had performed their roles several hundreds of times onstage, and thousands of times if you include rehearsals. And as discussed yesterday, we're fairly certain that if you add up all the performances she's appeared in -- live onstage, commercial video, TV, cinema, etc. -- no female Irish dancer has been seen by more people around the world than Bernadette Flynn. Quite simply: Bernadette is #IrishDance royalty. Say it with us: YAS QUEEN.

Third: Kelly Hendry. Kelly Hendry. Kelly Hendry. Finding performance footage of Kelly dancing lead is relatively rare -- although if you dig around on YouTube you can find some gems -- and here you get a small glimpse of Kelly performing as Morrighan in Troupe 1. She's just on fire here; the role of Morrighan can be interpreted a variety of ways, and Kelly's temptress has swagger on that stage. Watch her footwork closely; there's a *prance* to her steps that's unique to her as a dancer, and it completely changes the interpretation of the role. Hers is a Morrighan that goes after -- and gets -- exactly what she wants.

Let us know if you'd like to see more never-before-seen bootleg footage, rare photos, and untold stories from the 24-year saga of Lord of the Dance!


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