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Follow Your Dream, Day #442: The Dream Becomes A Nightmare

This time, *you* are the Dark Lord.

You know how the second act of #LordOfTheDance begins: the Little Spirit explores the empty night of Planet Ireland, pulls out her magic flute, and begins a new summoning -- which goes horribly wrong. Don Dorcha and the Warriors emerge to openly challenge her.

For twenty-four years, you've seen the dream become a nightmare as all the exposition of the first act tips over into the conflict of the second act -- but you've never seen it like *this.*

When you watch a commercial video of an #IrishDance show onstage, there's always that invisible fourth wall between you and the action. Here, we shatter that fourth wall and place you on the stage itself as Don Dorcha.

This is a completely new way of experiencing commercial #IrishDancing. The laughter that you hear during this video? That is the laughter of Dark Lord Zoltan Papp as he torments the Little Spirit, a predator toying with its prey.

This video is a fusion of traditional filmmaking techniques for an Irish dance show (as seen in the Dangerous Games commercial video, starring Dark Lord Emeritus Tom Cunningham and Alice Upcott as the Little Spirit) and first-person onstage cameras worn by Zoltan and Liam Costello as his lieutenant as they torment the amazing Jessica Aquila Judge as the Little Spirit.

Remember how shocking it was the *first* time you saw the Little Spirit being hunted down onstage? The realization that this was a drama, not just a technical exhibition, and you truly didn't know what was going to happen next? *That's* the feeling we're bringing back here.

In order for drama to work, you need conflict. The more intense the conflict -- the greater the stakes -- the more satisfying the payoff. By seeing this number in a completely new way, you *should* feel your blood boiling the same way you felt in 1996, and it should elicit a very real cheer when James Keegan saves the day in the nick of time.

Buckle up. This one's a wild ride. The dream becomes a nightmare -- and this time, *you* are that nightmare.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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