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Follow Your Dream, Day #444: Street Fight

A new power arises to challenge the Lord of the Dance and seize control of Planet Ireland: Don Dorcha and his Warriors. And as the show's second act begins, they have very nearly won: the Little Spirit's flute is broken, and the Lord of the Dance, outnumbered, desperately rallies his Warlords to stand against the seemingly inevitable tide of darkness.

You have seen this story play out on your TV and in person countless times. You know every tap, every movement.

But you've never seen it like this.

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen: First-Person Onstage.

This video was achieved with two different bodycams: one on Dark Lord Zoltan Papp, and the other on one of his lieutenants, Liam Costello, filmed earlier in 2020. We've mixed it with footage from the 2014 commercial video, starring Dark Lord Emeritus Tom Cunningham, as he goes head-to-head with #LordOfTheDance James Keegan. In the first-person 2020 footage, you see both James and Cathal Keaney as the Lord of the Dance, while Liam squares off against Matt Smith.

What really sells this video, though, is Zoltan. He's absolutely terrifying as the Dark Lord, and you can now hear every single word he says on that stage. He disappears completely into the role, to the point where even if you've seen the show hundreds of times, his level of high-octane pure bugnuts insanity boiling just below the line of self-immolation really does make you wonder if, just once, the Dark Lord might actually win.

Until 1996, no one had even thought of using #IrishDance to depict a street fight in a stage drama. And until now, you've never seen how truly frenetic and high-octane it is on that stage.

To quote the poet William Carlos Williams: "Hold back the edges of your gowns, ladies; we are going through hell."

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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