Follow Your Dream, Day #450: Archetypes

These two #LordOfTheDance photos might be two decades apart, but something becomes immediately apparent when they're placed side by side: you can instantly identify each character.

Maintaining continuity is extremely important. Lord of the Dance has grown and changed considerably since its inception -- because stagnation equals death, and it's important to keep evolving -- but the show works within Joseph Campbell's monomyth story structure, and a key aspect of that is clearly-defined roles -- the hero, the villain, etc. -- which can be easily identified without any words spoken.

Think back to Darth Vader's first entrance in Star Wars. You know instantly that he's a bad guy. Fast-forward across decades to Kylo Ren's first entrance in The Force Awakens. Same thing. And within Lord of the Dance, the same must be true for Don Dorcha, Erin, Morrighan, Little Spirit, Saoirse, and the Lord of the Dance: the audience has to be able to identify, instantly, each character archetype through the combination of music, dance style, lighting, and costuming.

Where things get interesting is that next year, 2021, is the 25th anniversary year of Lord of the Dance. It's a golden opportunity to do two equally important things at once: relive the past and simultaneously create an exciting new future.

Literally everything we've done over the last 450 days of this interactive production journal is to build up to *something* that's coming. A reawakening of the old magic -- releasing tons of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage, the reunion of the legendary OG Troupe, the first new footage in four years of Michael Flatley *himself* dancing -- and the creation of exciting new magic: getting to know the S Generation through interactive livestreaming and onstage first-person camera footage, giving you the ability to instantly communicate with and form emotional connections to today's stars while providing a brand-new way of seeing #IrishDancing that no one's ever tried before.

You know what's better than nostalgia? Nostalgia mixed with *excitement* for what's coming next. The feeling that you, as a fan, are heard for what got you emotionally invested in this brand in the first place -- and the anticipation of what might just be around the corner.

This is all happening right in front of you. It's a massive long-form experiment in social media between a billion-dollar brand and its audience: every day there's something new, and you're a part of this journey. Every time we publish something, and you share it and comment on it, that spreads the word: that Team Lord is back, and *something* is coming.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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