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Follow Your Dream, Day #453: The Build-Up

Ten years ago, Michael Flatley launched the legendary Return Tour of Lord of the Dance, including a film adaptation released in cinemas and on home video.

It was a remarkable update to the classic show, featuring an incredible new set with outstanding screen visuals, new costumes, a new lighting scheme, and production values which exceeded most rock concerts.

#IrishDance is an ancient art form, and what Michael Flatley is universally regarded for is applying his art form atop the dance itself -- not just as a performer, but as a choreographer and dramatist -- to dress #IrishDancing for commercial success on a global scale. And, to this day, no one has ever done it better. #LordOfTheDance has grossed over a billion dollars globally, seen live by more than sixty-million people, and seen on TV and in film by an audience measured in the multiples of billions of people.

Now, ten years later, we're only months away from 2021 -- the 25th anniversary year of Lord of the Dance. And it begs one question at the fore of everyone's minds:

What will Michael do with Lord of the Dance *next?*

Lord of the Dance is the flagship of the Irish dance world, constantly trailblazing and innovating for others to follow. What you see on the stage as a finished product is the end sum of months -- sometimes years -- of work. And it all stems from Michael's famous credo: "We didn't come here to finish second."

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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