Follow Your Dream, Day #457: The Lordbus

One aspect of touring life you don't see much of: the bus.

Every troupe member in Team Lord, past and present, has spent quite a lot of time traveling by bus. Sometimes those journeys are relatively short; sometimes they're long. For those of you who have watched our Dancelord TV livestreams over the last year and a half, you've seen us actually livestream from the Lordbus on more than one occasion, interacting with us live as we travel between cities.

There's a fair amount of sleeping on the bus, primarily because touring life requires you to be a bit of a night owl; bus calls are often fairly early, so it's the one opportunity to catch up on some rest, especially given the immense amount of energy expended daily at each venue. For those who remain awake, there's usually no shortage of breathtaking scenery to take in, as well as plenty of conversation.

This is one of the reasons why team dynamic is so important: when you're on tour, you spend nearly all of your waking hours with the team, all focused on the same goal, for months at a time. The esprit de corps of Team Lord is enormously high: these are the best Irish dancers in the world, trained to the teeth, doing things that no one else can physically do.

As a result, many lifelong friendships are forged from this journey. When your job description involves traveling the world and lighting up arenas filled with thousands of people every night -- and you've spent nearly your entire life training for it -- it's an experience like no other.

It is -- whisper it -- *fun.*

For nearly twenty-five years, thousands of the best Irish dancers in history have embarked on this journey. And while physical touring may be paused at the moment, this too shall pass -- and the journey continues.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.


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