Follow Your Dream, Day #462: The Road to Feet of Flames

Now the work truly begins.

For the last six months, the entire #IrishDance world has faced the same challenge: how to stay motivated during a global pandemic that's completely shut down live events?

Remember what we said: you will find yourself -- or find yourself lacking -- when tested. You have to dance when no one is looking so that you're ready to dance when *everyone* is looking.

Now, six months later, we're eighty days away from Feet of Flames -- the biggest and loudest #IrishDancing spectacle in the world. This isn't happening in 2021; it's happening *this year,* in 2020.

For the current Team Lord troupe, they're champing at the bit to get back out there. They're going to hit that massive stage with all the force of a thermobaric explosion.

...But remember, Feet of Flames is typically 90 dancers or more.

That means Team Lord has to scale up.

This is doubly true since we've been hinting at things to come in 2021. The competition to get into #LordOfTheDance is utterly ferocious -- this is a billion-dollar dance show, and you don't get into a Michael Flatley show unless you're truly the best of the best. "Luck" is when opportunity meets preparation; the harder you work, the luckier you get -- because when that opportunity arises, you have to be *ready* for it.

For all of the competition Irish dancers reading this, regardless of age: let this serve as inspiration for you. Stay focused. Keep up your training. Put in the work. We *told* you this was going to happen. Yes, learning from home was (and is) difficult -- and yes, it's hard to stay motivated when there's no feis right around the corner. But if the dream is inside you, nothing will stop you.

For everyone else reading this: we'll see you *this year.* With Feet of Flames.


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